Shepard Inn Dandridge Tennessee
old Shepard Inn Dandridge Tennessee


ca. 1820

Shadrach Inman erected the building as a residence and site of his first general store.

ca. 1850

James P. Mitchell bought the building from Shadrach Inman with the plan of transforming it into a tavern, and renaming the structure "Mitchell House".

ca. 1870


Cordelia Mitchell Parks inherited the business from her
father, James P. Mitchell

ca. 1890

J. Walter Shepard married Cordelia Mitchell Parks' granddaughter, Mattie, and was the manager of the tavern.



Mattie passed away. J. Walter Shepard married Anne Estes from Knoxville,Tn, and renamed the "Mitchell House to "Shepard Inn". For the next 30 years the Shepards ran a business that was equal to none other in the area:
   1. The Shepard Inn was the only diner within an
       hours drive.
   2. The Inn's guest book boasts of movie stars, musicians,
       politicians and even royalty from around the world.
   3. The menu and hotel services were unparalleled.



Both J. Walter Shepard and Anne Shepard passed away. The Shepard Inn was closed and sold as a private residence to Earl and Mildred Kyker. It remained with the "Keepers of the Inn" for the next 50 years.

ca. 2000


A local Dandridge couple bought the Inn with the hopes and plans to revitalize the it. Through research and planning the new staff strive to give guests a unique and nostalgic experience that would make the Shepard Inn an unparalleled experience that would make the Shepards proud.